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Crazy Pineapple Poker Game Rules

Crazy Pineapple has a lot of nice fish at Ultimate Bet....
While Paradise Poker always has tables going.
Crazy Pineapple poker is a game very similar to Texas Hold'Em. The betting structures are the same, as well as the positions, order of who is to act etc. For all the general rules, make sure to read the Texas Hold'Em Rules section.

There are two differences in Crazy Pineapple that make it different from Hold'Em. They are that instead of two hole cards, you are dealt three hole cards, and then must discard one of the cards after the flop. So for example if you are dealt:

And the flop is:

you'd be discarding the

while on a flop of

you would be discarding the .

Crazy Pineapple 8/b or Hi/Lo:

Also available on-line is Crazy Pineapple 8/b. The rules for this are as listed, with the only difference being that the pot may be split at the end between a high hand and low hand, with the 8 being the qualifier for a low hand(so for example:

would be a hand that could take the low part of the pot.

Straights and flushes do not count against you for the low, which means that a hand like

which is the nut low and has a very very very strong chance of being the nut high, will give you the chance to win both the low and the high, and be able to yell SCOOP DOGGY DOG!

Online Availability: Crazy Pineapple Hi/Lo and regular Hi is available at both Ultimate Bet and Paradise Poker

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