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Telesina Poker Game Rules

Number of players: 2-5 Deck: Stripped deck containing 7-A of each suit.

Limits: No limit

Blinds/ante: The game is played with blinds and two blinds are posted, small blind and big blind. The player to the left of the dealer posts small blind and the player to the left of small blind posts big blind.

Initial deal: One pocket card and one face-up card to each player.

Telesina is a variation of Five Card Stud with the following important exceptions:
  • The deck contains 32 cards. Cards valued 2-6 have been removed,leaving 7-A of each suit in the deck.
  • The highest open combination starts the action in each betting round, including the first. This means that any player - including the dealer, small blind or big blind - could be first to act in the first betting round.
  • Blinds are used instead of antes. A small blind is posted by the firstactive player to the left of the dealer and a big blind is posted by the second active player to the left of the dealer (identical to Texas Hold’em blind logic). A dealer button is used to indicate the dealerposition.
  • Players who fold will not have their cards thrown in the muck. Instead, their face up cards will remain visible on the table until the end of the round. There are four betting rounds in total, followed by the showdown.
  • Winner: Highest hand according to the standard poker hand rules

    Online Availability: Telesina will soon be available on the Boss Network. Ths Boss Networks post popular site is Fortune Poker, where you can get 30% rakeback. For more information, visit Fortune Poker Rakeback

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