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Texas Hold'Em Rules - Pot Limit, No Limit & Fixed Limit

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Texas Hold'Em Poker generally has three different variants; limit, no limit and pot limit Hold'Em. This section will detail the various rules of Hold'Em, both online and offline, and will provide recommendations as to poker books and also list what poker rooms the game is available at.

In Texas Hold'Em (All variants), players receive two cards known as hole cards, which is their own personal hand. There is a round of betting, then then three cards are turned up simultaneously, known as the flop. These cards are community cards that can be used by all players still in the hand. There is another round of betting, then the fourth community card, known as the turn. There's another round of betting, then we will see the river card, the last community card. There is a last round of betting, then all players still in the hand turn over their cards. All players use their own personal two hole cards, and then the five community cards, to make the best five card hand.


Joe's Hole Cards:
Sam's Hole Cards:


Sam's best hand with the 7 available is and he has trip 4s, known as a set.

Joe's best hand with the 7 available is and is a straight, from A-5. As per the poker hand rankings, a straight beats trips, and Joe wins the pot.

A player may also use all community cards and none of his hole cards. For example, iif the community cards were:

Any players still in the hand would use the community cards to form a royal flush, and it would result in a split pot.

The maximum that can sit at a Texas Holdem table is 10. Online, you will find that six-max tables are more popular, whereas only six players can sit. These take a lot more skill, and you get to play more hands per hour.

In Hold'Em, a dealer button is used to indicate the dealer. The standard betting structure is to have a big blind and a small blind. The person "on the (dealer) button" has the best advantage due to position, and gets to act last every betting round(except pre-flop, where the blinds get to act last). The small and big blinds are forced to play, in that they have to put down money without seeing their hole cards. For example, in a $1/$2 game, the big blind would have to put down $1, and the small blin 

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